Most organisations I have spoken to know what Information Architecture is. However, it is not often that someone in the organisation is responsible for it. This is usually because the skill sits between that of IT professional and of an Information Management professional who no one wants to pay for.

Where I have seen organisations invest in information architecture they see it as an overly complex and time-consuming process – and that is often true – if it was easy and quick to do more organisations would be more efficient at looking after their information.

I come across organisations overloaded with content that has little day-to-day benefit. This is made worst, as often these files are still linked to from the all-important must-go-to-place for information – the intranet.

The cause of this proliferation of out of date content alongside new useful information is down to the natural change in any business. That is to say, the evolution of the company brought on by systems, processes, policies, laws and cultural changes.

All this impacts how information is stored, managed and accessed. Which in turn has an impact on the Information Architecture not just of the intranet but all systems containing information.
Over the coming months, in further blog posts, I’ll be exploring Information Architecture for Modern Intranets. However, if you would like to discuss this in more detail in person get in contact.

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